About Us

SOLIT is a product brand from Putra Teknologi Indonesia, which is located in Bekasi, West Java. We are here to provide solutions for your business by providing various technology services that can solve your various business problems. We are committed to providing the best, safe, comfortable, and inexpensive service. If you have any questions let's discuss with us!

Is Solit an officially registered company?

Yes, SOLIT is managed by Putra Teknologi who is domiciled in Bekasi, West Java

Is it safe to use Solit services?

Of course, because we already have a total of 200+ clients who have used our services

What if I want to use Solit services?

Glad to hear that, you can contact us via whatsapps or email listed in the contact us section

Our Activity

Some of the activities we have done, we always give the best for everything